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Our Workshop Series highlights unique coffees from around the world. Our first set is two Costa Rican coffees processed using some interesting, experimental methods.

What's In The Box

Our workshop series is so much more than just some coffee. We want to enjoy these unique coffees along with you and be able to talk about them together. In order to do that, we'll provide you with everything you need to cup or brew the perfect cup of coffee along with us.

Then, on Saturday September 12th, we'll go live on FreshGround Coffee University and we can taste and talk about the coffees together.

In the box is:

  • 8 oz of whole bean Costa Rica Anaerobic process coffee
  • 8 oz of whole bean Costa Rica Thermic process coffee
  • A sachet of Third Wave Water
  • Descriptions of the coffees and the processing methods.
  • Free access to the live stream on September 12th (or the recording afterwards). (Technically, access to the live stream is not "in the box", we'll email that info to you later)

About These Coffees

Don Luis of Finca Cordillera del Fuego is constantly pursuing new and innovative ways to improve his coffee production. These two coffees represent unique, experimental processing methods that Don Luis has pioneered. They bring out some amazing flavor notes in the finished coffees.

Anaerobic Process

Mature coffee cherries, very high in sugar content are picked and depulped. Then they are placed in stainless steel tanks and allowed to ferment.

Traditionally, coffee is allowed to ferment in large open tanks. The absence of CO2 in the tanks purposely creates a low-oxygen environment during the fermentation process.

The coffee tends to develop a unique series of acids such as lactic and malic acids, which translates into very complex flavors in the cup.

Termico Process

Termico (or 'thermic" in English) is a unique, experimental process invented by Don Luis. Ripe cherries are heated with some of the mucilage on the bean. This causes the sugars in the mucilage to break down and partially carmelize. The result is an exceptionally sweet and fruity flavor in the cup.

About the Workshop Series

The Workshop Series is a series of coffees we present several times a year to bring you unique, rare, experimental or exciting coffees that are outside of the norm. It's a chance to learn more about coffee farming and processing and some of the ways producers are working to bring new products to you, the specialty coffee consumer.